Use the Smartphone for Creativity

Creative activities using the smartphone

Smartphones are an inevitable part of our lives. They’re not only our phones, but they’re our news, games, camera, email, research device, social media platform... the list goes on! Rather than handing your phone over for another game of Candy Crush, here are a few ways to help your kids get creative using your smartphone:

  1. Become a photographer: Have your child take some photographs and name each photo like photographers name their art. Encourage unique perspectives and angles. They may want to make edits or use filters. Discuss meaning behind photographs and see if your child wants to describe the meaning behind theirs.

  2. Create a video: Help your child make a short video. They can write a script or improvise and use homemade props.

  3. Choreograph a dance: Have your kids pick a song from a music app and create a dance to go along with the music. They may choreograph part of or the entire song. This will take step by step practice and lots of pausing and replaying, so hopefully it’s a song you can hear 4,000 times! Afterwards, they might want to present the dance!

Creative Tip: Try to get outside if you can! The fresh air and a new environment promotes creative thinking and artistic thought!

Keep in mind: Typically, when it comes to creativity and bonding, phones are best when out of sight. But phones are an inevitable part of our lives and we use them often. So do your best to habitually set it aside, but remember we’re only human living in a digital age and parenthood is really, really hard. Be kind to yourself!

Have fun imagining together! :)

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