Mural Art Activity

Get inspired by the power of murals and create your own!

Murals are a powerful part of their local community. They brighten up a neighborhood, display a powerful message, and bring attention to the theme portrayed. What would you and your child’s mural show? Here’s a fun project to foster creativity and consider the power mural art has on society.

Materials Needed:

For the mural: Poster paper, large butcher paper piece, or a large piece of cardboard (bigger, the better!)

For color: crayons, markers, or paint


First, brainstorm ideas for the mural images and content

  1. Look at examples of murals online. Discuss themes, images, and content. Consider looking at historically significant murals such as those of Diego Rivera. If you know of any local murals, consider visiting these as well!

  2. Decide what your mural’s theme will be and start by writing a list of ideas (what message do you want your mural to send to the community?)

  3. Once you have a theme, write a list of ideas for the images on the mural. Older kids might consider overlapping images (If you want to create depth, what images will be in the background and foreground)

  4. Will there be any content (words or quotes) on the wall? If so, what do you want the mural to say?

  5. Finally, using scratch or printer paper, sketch out an example of what you want your mural to look like

*Creative Tip: Really take your time looking at mural examples in different communities and discussing the themes and diverse messages portrayed. This is when inspiration will blossom! For little ones, the brainstorming will be much more brief and that’s okay.


  1. Prepare the creative space - Where will you create the art? You might lay the poster/cardboard on the floor or tape on a table or a wall (if you’re taping to a table or wall, make sure this is a table or wall that can get messy, especially if using paint or younger children are involved)

  2. Turn on music for inspiration - Set the scene with some music that inspires you. Help your children find music they like for this project

  3. Sketch the mural design with a pencil (little ones might skip this step!)

  4. Using colors, take your time to complete the artwork

  5. Post to a wall!

*The creating process does not need to be completed in one sitting - this might be completed over the course or a couple days or a week especially if your child is older and will be including more detail


Take time to share the mural. Discuss the theme, images, and content chosen. Ask open ended questions about your child’s mural (ex: “How did you choose the theme/images/content?”) and show enthusiasm for their ideas.

Most importantly, have fun imagining together! :)

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