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Get Creative With Sock Puppets Activity

All you need are a couple old socks and your imagination!

Who knew that a couple old socks could promote language development, social and behavioral development, boost confidence and ignite creativity and imagination?! Sock puppet creation can be as simple as you want it to be.

Super simple method: Find a couple long socks and you’re good to go

Fancier method: Find a couple long socks and for the eyes use glue and googly eyes, small felt circles or buttons. You may choose to sew on a couple buttons for eyes (wow, now we’re getting fancy) or simply draw on some eyes with a sharpie. Next, glue a pom pom or felt piece for the nose and yarn for hair. If you don’t have these items, look around the house and get your kids to help find pieces for the face.

Ideas for the puppet theater:

  1. Cardboard Box Puppet Theater: OR

  2. Use a long table with a tablecloth or blanket covering it as the stage

Not much space? Alternative homemade tiny theater using popsicle stick paper characters and cereal box puppet theater:

How do we get started?

  1. Each person should come up with their puppet’s character and voice

  2. Brainstorm the type of show (comedy, drama, etc) and plot (what is going to happen during the show?)

  3. Write a script together and rehearse (scripts are available online, but try writing your own together!)

  4. Pop that popcorn and invite an audience. You can even make tickets! Invite the dog or invite grandma and grandpa to watch via Zoom :)

*Creative tip: Your kids may want to go off script or do their own improv. This is less about following a script and more about having fun and using imagination, so just enjoy the show and feel free to be goofy if you have a role :D

Most importantly, have fun imagining together! :)

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