Create a Postcard Activity

Imagine your next travel destination!

Remember when we used to send postcards to share our travels with friends and family instead of posting on social media? Oh, the good ol’ days! When we sit down and write our thoughts, feelings and experiences pen to paper it truly allows us to reflect on the experience. This activity allows you and your kids to imagine your adventures somewhere new and your thoughts, feelings and experiences visiting this foreign place.

How to get started:


  1. Everyone brainstorms where they’re interested in visiting. Maybe it’s New York City, Bangkok, Thailand, or simply a town an hour away you’ve never been to.

  2. Next, do your research! Look up pictures of this place and explore the attractions. You might research online or get travel books from the local library. Little ones will need help researching and learning about their place.

  3. Set the scene: Consider playing music from the place you’re visiting or put on a YouTube video about the location. Look up the weather there currently. If it’s a sunny, tropical place you’re traveling to, you might sit outside to brainstorm if it’s a warm day where you live. If it’s a rainy day at the travel destination, you might perch yourself in a window with rain sounds playing from your phone or laptop.

  4. Imagine: The sounds, smells, weather, tastes, and scenery. What languages do you hear? What are your plans while on this trip?


  1. Cut a 6x4 inch postcard using card stock or a cereal box (if using a cereal box or another card stock like material, you can glue plain paper on each side to make a blank card) If you prefer to use a template, here’s a printable one:

  2. Pick a scene from your travels to draw or paint on one side (feel free to make many postcards with different scenes from one location!)

  3. Who are you writing to? Pick someone to write to for each postcard and tell them about your travels. Describe your thoughts, feelings and experiences.


  1. Share your postcards with each other and describe your travels!

*Creative Tip: Don’t feel like you need to follow this plan exactly. If your kids are more into the idea of making multiple postcards from all different places or want to take the activity in a whole different direction (ex: they might choose to visit Mars), have fun with it! Just get those creative juices flowing.

Most importantly, have fun imagining together!

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