Fun, easy ways to

foster imagination

in your own home

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At Creative Kids Parenting we believe imagination is key

Our goal is to provide you with fun, easy ways to foster creativity at home. Imagination and creativity are essential in promoting healthy, happy children. And guess what? You don't need a bunch of fancy toys and gadgets. That's right! Use our blog and activities page for inspiration and become a Creative Kid Parent by joining our mailing list or follow us on Instagram and Facebook. 

Why is creativity

so important?

Creativity is essential in promoting healthy, happy children. Not only does creativity greatly benefit your child's well being today, but the use of imagination creates an endless path of possibilities in the future and is a crucial lifelong skill needed in the workforce. The reasons to foster a creative mind are endless and benefit both parent or caretaker and child. Ready, set... start imagining!

Cognitive Development



Emotional Development


Self Esteem &

Builds Confidence


Haley Creative Kids Parenting

Hi there! I'm Haley (M.A. Education). In my experience working with children of all ages in multiple capacities, I've learned that above all, fostering creativity and imagination in our children is essential to future success, lifelong learning, and social-emotional well-being. It can be difficult to think of ideas and ways to think outside the box, and let's face it - life is busy. That's why we're here!